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What are the main benefits of running Mammoth P?
Mammoth P is a bloom booster and a bio-stimulant. Mammoth P microbes directly and specifically target phosphorus to cycle and increase its bioavailability. Increasing the plant’s access to Phosphorus is hugely important because Phosphorus is a macronutrient that needs to be “unlocked” for plant uptake; it plays a large part in plant growth, especially with flower development. Growers using Mammoth P typically see an increase in yield somewhere between 10-20%. Implementing Mammoth P also helps plants function to their full genetic potential. Mammoth P is truly a yield & quality booster.
Is Mammoth P organic?
Yes; Mammoth P is fully organic. It is OMRI-listed and Clean Green Certified.
I already use a microbial product, how is Mammoth P different from what I’m already using?
Mammoth P is unique and different from other microbial products because it specifically targets Phosphorus to increase its plant bioavailability. Mammoth P can be used as a standalone microbial product in a feeding schedule OR alongside other microbial & beneficial products – they will play well together. Mammoth P is highly concentrated, very cost effective to use throughout all growth stages, and provides a huge return on investment (ROI) for growers.
Is Mammoth® P a liquid or dry product?
Mammoth P is a liquid product.
What is the shelf life of Mammoth P? / When does it expire?
Each Mammoth P bottle should be unsealed before its expiration date. After removing the seal, growers have a 1-year time frame in which the contents of the bottle or jug should be used. Check the date on the bottle by looking near the UPC.
How should I store Mammoth P?
Always store in original packaging in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep tightly closed when not in use. Avoid storage in a humid environment or above 95°F (35°C) or below 32°F (0°C). Keep out of reach of children and pets, and away from food and drinking water.
How can I measure Mammoth P?
Measure small amounts of Mammoth P with a pipette, syringe, or small measuring cup. If measuring larger amounts, use a larger measuring cup or graduated cylinder.
Our 250mL, 500mL, and 1000mL bottles have a self-contained measuring area so you can squeeze the bottle to get your desired measurement of Mammoth P and then pour it into a mixing container or reservoir.
How often do I apply Mammoth P?
Applying Mammoth P twice per week is optimal. Once per week is great, but twice per week is even better.
What is the recommended application method & rate for Mammoth P?
Apply Mammoth P to the root zone (rhizosphere): 0.6mL per gallon, twice per week.
Can I use Mammoth P on my seedlings/clones/cuttings?

Absolutely, we highly recommend using Mammoth P on seedlings, clones, and cuttings. Mammoth P works very well in aeroponic cloning machines and when watered into Mammoth Starter Plug trays. When using Mammoth P on seedlings and clones, expect to see early and robust root development.

Can I add Mammoth P to a nutrient mix? If so, when?

Mammoth P can be added alongside nutrients and additives in a tank or reservoir mixture. We recommend adding Mammoth P last in your mixing schedule. As your plants adjust, you may find that you can alter/scale back on the frequency and quantity of application of your nutrient regimen (particularly the Phosphorus input).

What is the pH of Mammoth P?

Mammoth P sits at a near-neutral pH in its concentrated form within each bottle. Mammoth P should not affect the pH of your water and/or nutrient solution because such a little amount is added, per volume.

Can I apply Mammoth P as a foliar?

We do not recommend this.

Can I use Mammoth P alongside other Mammoth products?
With Mammoth CannControl – Yes, as a root zone/soil drench. We recommend adding Mammoth P after CannControl has been mixed into solution in a tank/reservoir.
Mammoth Silica – Yes, as a root zone/soil drench. We recommend mixing Mammoth Si into a tank/reservoir first, then adding Mammoth P as the final step in the mixing process.
Mammoth Starter Plugs – Yes, it’s a great idea to dose our starter plugs with Mammoth P. Doing so will introduce our microbes into the root zone of seedlings or cuttings.
Mammoth Myco – Yes, it’s a potent combo to help establish robust roots early in a plant’s life.
Mammoth Grow Me – Yes, the earthworm castings tea mixes well with Mammoth P microbes to form a potent combination.
Are there any products I shouldn’t run alongside Mammoth P?

Mammoth P is effective alongside most any other product. Products that are designed to sterilize should be staggered away from Mammoth P applications, if possible.

What is the purpose of the alfalfa extract ingredient in Mammoth P?

We use alfalfa in our product because we wanted an organic, natural, sustainable media to grow microbes in. Alfalfa has a low Carbon to Nitrogen ratio, so it works as an excellent food source for Mammoth P microbes.

Do I use Mammoth P in flowering cycle and flush with it?

Yes. Plants always need Phosphorus, but especially in the flowering stage. Mammoth P microbes highly increase the bioavailability of Phosphorus to the plant which is critical during the flowering stage. We recommend flushing with Mammoth P to ensure a very clean finish for the plant.

Is it normal for sediment to appear in a bottle of Mammoth P?

It is completely normal and standard to see sediment accumulation and “bio-lipids” in the bottle. Be sure to shake the bottle well before using.

My bottle of Mammoth P froze – is it still OK to use?

Our R&D team has run tests on frozen/thawed Mammoth P and found that freezing does not compromise the product’s efficacy. You can use your Mammoth P as usual, and rest assured that it will work just the same. However, because of the uncertainties around freezing/thawing product – we will replace any frozen product received per our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Does Mammoth contain triacontanol? Will this affect my grow?

Mammoth P does contain a very small trace amount of triacontanol. Mammoth P is produced using a diluted alfalfa tea, therefore there may be unquantifiable trace amounts of triacontanol.

Can I use Mammoth P alongside a P-K booster product?

Yes, they work well together as long as neither product is overused. Our microbes release bound Phosphorus, so they could be releasing a large amount if there is a lot of bound Phosphorus in the growth media. If too much Phosphorus is unlocked, plants could show symptoms of burning – if that happens, we recommend scaling back either the amount of P-K booster being used, or the amount of Mammoth P being used, or both – this will help prevent the release of too much Phosphorus.


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