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What are the main benefits of running Pest Control +?

Control AND prevention of all types of mites, thrips, aphids, whiteflies, fungus gnats, as well as powdery mildew and botrytis (grey mold).  

Keeping plants free of these insects and diseases lets the plant focus on growth and development, rather than fighting pest pressure. 

Is Pest Control + organic?

Pest Control +l is not organic/OMRI-listed, however it is formulated with all-natural, plant-based ingredients. 

What are the ingredients of Pest Control +?

The active ingredients are 55% corn oil & 15% thyme oil. The inert (inactive) ingredient is 30% oleic acid. 

I already use a pesticide product, how is Pest Control + different from what I’m already using?

Pest Control + is a unique formulation that is all-natural & plant-based; it is not a synthetic pesticide. Pest Control + has an active ingredient of Thymol, which is an extract from thyme oil – it kills & repels insects and plant diseases. Pest Control + works great on its own and in an IPM rotation.  

Is Pest Control + a liquid or dry product?

Mammoth Pest Control + is a liquid product. 

What is the shelf life of Pest Control +? When does it expire?

2 years. Under normal storage conditions, the product lifespan is indefinite.  

How should I store Pest Control +?

Store out of direct sunlight and avoid extreme temperatures.  

How do I measure Mammoth Pest Control +?

Pest Control + can always be measured with a liquid measuring cup. If working with a 250mL, 500mL, or 1000mL bottle – you could use the tip & pour measurement device on the actual bottle.  

How often do I apply?

Apply Pest Control + once per week for preventative measures. If controlling an active insect infestation, apply once per week, at least 4 weeks in a row in order to disrupt the insect breeding cycle. 

What is the recommended application method and rate for Pest Control +?

You can use Pest Control + as a foliar spray or as a root drench. Using Pest Control + at 1oz/gal is our recommended starting point. When using Pest Control + to control an active mite or insect infestation or a plant disease infection, the rate of application can be increased up to 3oz/gal to achieve control of the pest/disease issue.  

Should I use Pest Control + as a foliar or a root drench?

It depends on what pest or disease is trying to be controlled or prevented. We recommend using Pest Control + as a foliar spray for insects and diseases (that are present on the above-ground part of the plant (i.e. powdery mildew). For diseases or insects that are located in the root zone (i.e. fungus gnats), we recommend a root drench application. 

When should I add Pest Control + to water/fertilizer mix when mixing?

It should be added after Silica has been added and before beneficial additives are added. You can mix Pest Control + in at the same time as your fertilizers/nutrients. 

How long can I leave in solution after mixing?

Pest Control + will remain in solution for a longer period of time. However, to ensure maximum efficacy we recommend using the mixed solution within 1 week. 

Can I use Pest Control + on my seedlings/cuttings/clones?

Yes; you can use Pest Control + on hardened seedlings and/or clones & cuttings. 
Using Pest Control + on new clones/cuttings coming from an outside source is a great way to ensure you’re bringing a clean clone/cutting into your grow. 

Can I add Pest Control + to a nutrient mix? If so, when? Is the order of mixing important?

Pest Control + mixes well with any nutrient mix. If you ever want to test compatibility, we recommend using a jar compatibility test. 
The order of mixing is Mammoth Silica, Nutrients & Pesticides (including Pest Control +), pH adjust if necessary, then add any beneficials (Mammoth P) as the final component.  

When can I use Pest Control +?

We recommend using Pest Control + on hardened seedlings, cuttings, and clones to ensure they have a clean start, continuing to use throughout the vegetative growth stage. Using Pest Control + earlier in the growth cycle will increase ensures the plant goes into the flower cycle pest & disease-free.

Can I use Pest Control + in plants that are flowering and/or fruiting?

Pest Control + is a 25(b) product which offers maximum effectiveness while not having toxic ingredients. We recommend ceasing applications of Pest Control + 2-3 weeks prior to harvest. Pest Control + takes approximately 7 days to fully break down after it’s been applied.

Do I need to add a surfactant or wetting agent when mixing Pest Control +?

No, Pest Control + has a built-in wetting agent/surfactant. The 30% oleic acid in the formulation works as a surfactant/wetting agent.  

Do I need to add an emulsifier alongside Pest Control + to help keep it in solution within my reservoir/tank?

No, Pest Control + has a built-in emulsifier (oleic-acid compounds) which enable Pest Control + to be easily mixed into a water-based solution. The oleic-acid compounds also double as a wetting agent/surfactant. 

Do I need to turn lights off following a root/soil drench of Pest Control + ?

No. Lights do not need to be turned down or off when applying Pest Control + as a soil drench.  

Do I need to turn lights off following a foliar application of Pest Control + ?

Yes. Lights need to be turned off after foliar application because light refraction could penetrate the applied droplets could and could burn the leaves (like using a magnifying glass with the sun to burn a hole in a leaf). 

Can I use Pest Control + with other Mammoth products?

With Mammoth P, Myco, & Grow MeYes. We recommend adding Mammoth P after Pest Control + has been mixed into solution in a tank/reservoir. 
With Mammoth Si – Yes. We recommend mixing Mammoth Si into a tank/reservoir first, then adding Pest Control + once Si has been added.

Are there any products I shouldn’t run this with?

Sulfur-based products. Elemental sulfur (which is the main component of micronized sulfur) and horticultural oils, such as Pest Control +, should never be applied within 30 days of each other because they can react together to create phytotoxins.  

Can I use Pest Control + with beneficial insects?

Pest Control + could negatively impact beneficial insects if used within 7 days of application of our product. Pest Control + should break down enough after 7 days that you can introduce beneficial insects. One rule of thumb: do not apply Pest Control + directly to beneficial insects. 

Is Pest Control + systemic?

No. Our Pest Control + product is not systemic, meaning the plants will not absorb Pest Control +. Pest Control + is a contact & vapor-action pesticide, so it will be necessary to fully cover affected areas to see proper effectiveness. We recommend reapplying Pest Control + every 7 days. 

What is the difference between Pest Control +, Mammoth Canncontrol and Mammoth Biocontrol (MB-PI)?

Previously known as “Canncontrol,” our latest pesticide product, Pest Control + is our newer pesticide product and is an improved version of MB-PI.