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Free Shipping on Orders over $70!
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What are the main benefits of using Mammoth Tomato + Veggie?

It is a well-rounded source of nutrition for plants; it promotes plant growth & overall health. It’s a plant-based formulation; tested to be pathogen-free

Is Mammoth Tomato + Veggie organic?


I already use a fertilizer product, how is Mammoth Tomato + Veggie different?

Mammoth Organic Plant Food has an extremely low salt index compared to other traditional fertilizers. It’s a plant-based formulation with more complex amino acids. It’s been tested to be pathogen-free. Mammoth Organic Plant Food (3-1-1) is a great source of carbon to feed your soil. The same building blocks of Mammoth Organic Plant Food (3-1-1) are there for our Mammoth Tomato + Veggie (8-4-4) & Mammoth Plant + Flower (10-4-5) products.

Is Mammoth Tomato + Veggie a liquid or dry product?


What is the shelf life? When does it expire?

5 years unopened/sealed. Once opened, use within 12 months.

How should I store Mammoth Tomato + Veggie?

Store product in its original, labeled container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep tightly closed when not in use. Avoid storage in a humid environment or above 95°F (35°C) or below 32°F (0°C). Keep out of reach of children and pets, and away from food and drinking water.

How can I measure the product?

Any accurate liquid measuring tool will work.

How often do I apply Mammoth Tomato + Veggie?

Houseplants: monthly. Garden plants: weekly.

What is the recommended application rate for Mammoth Tomato + Veggie?

Feed 1 tbsp (15 mL)/gallon of water weekly during the growing season. Be sure to shake well before use.

When should I add the fertilizer to water when mixing?

Fill half of tank/reservoir with water, mix in fertilizer, then finish filling.

How long can I leave solution after mixing?

24-36 hours.

Do I need warm water in order to dissolve the product into solution?

No, product will mix into solution in a wide range of water temperatures.

Can I use on my established cuttings/seedlings?


Can I add Mammoth Tomato + Veggie to a nutrient mix? If so, when, and is the order of mixing important?

Yes, you can add Mammoth Tomato + Veggie in a nutrient mix. Add any Silica product first, then add any fertilizers & pesticides, then finish the mix with any beneficial additives.

Can I use Mammoth Tomato + Veggie as a foliar feed?


Can I use Mammoth Tomato + Veggie alongside other Mammoth products?

Yes, definitely, we highly recommend doing so!

Are there any products I should not use Mammoth Tomato + Veggie in combination with?

It is compatible with most other garden products; if there is uncertainty – we always recommend a jar compatibility test.

My bottle of Mammoth Tomato + Veggie froze – is it still OK to use?

It is possible for the liquid to freeze. Do not use if product has been frozen.

Is it normal for my bottle to bloat?

Yes, each Mammoth fertilizer bottle has the potential to bloat. Bloated bottles are not an indicator that product has expired; end-users should off-gas the bottle when bloated.


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